Written by J. B. Priestley
Directed by James F. Ring

Audition Dates: December 12, 13 & 14, 2022 at 6:30 PM at the BCC
Casting Available for 4 Men / 3 Women

Actors will be asked to read from the script.  

Perusal scripts are currently available at the Hyannis Public Library and Sturgis Library.

In this classic British thriller, guests at a dinner party in 1912 are implicated, one-by-one, in the victimization of a young, working-class woman who becomes pregnant out of wedlock. A suspenseful moral drama with clear relevance for the times in which we currently live. 


Arthur Birling (Male, age range: 50’s-60’s):  Arthur is the patriarch of the Birling family, a wealthy industrialist and the owner of a mill in the English midlands that serves as the primary employer for local, working-class women. He is a prominent member of the local community who, along with his wife and two adult children, lives comfortably in a landed estate.

Sybil Birling (Female, age range: 50’s-60’s): Sybil is of a somewhat higher social class than her husband and conducts herself in a manner that is calculated to remind him and everyone else in her household of that fact. She serves as the Director of the local Women’s Charitable Association. 

Sheila Birling (Female, age range: 20’s-early 30’s): Sheila begins the play as a privileged, self-absorbed and childish young lady but, as the events of the play unfold, she is forced to confront and come to terms with her own moral failures and those of her parents, her brother and her former fiancé.

Gerald Croft (Male, age range: 30’s-early 40’s): Gerald is the well-bred, upper-class son of a prominent businessman who begins the play as Sheila Birling’s beloved fiancé but is exposed, as the play’s events unfold, as having repeatedly betrayed Sheila by taking advantage of a young woman who had turned to him for help out of desperation.

Eric Birling (Male, age range: 20’s-early 30’s): Eric begins the play as a cynical, insecure, man-child with a drinking problem but, as the play progresses, he is able to perceive and grasp the full extent of his own culpability and that of his family for a young woman’s tragic demise.

Inspector Goole (Male, age range: 40’s-early 50’s): The Inspector is a figure of quiet strength. He arrives unexpectedly at the Birling family’s home, explaining in a measured and somewhat intimidating tone that he’s been tasked with seeking answers to some questions that have arisen during an inquest into the fate of young working-class woman. As the evening progresses it becomes evident that he already knows the answers to the questions he is posing, and by the time he leaves it has become apparent that his intent and purpose in coming to the home, as well as his true identity and place of origin, are a matter of mystery.

Edna (Female, age range: 40-early 60’s). Edna works as a maid in the Birling family’s home. In addition to introducing and overseeing Inspector Goole’s arrival and departure from the home, she serves in the background of numerous scenes as the silent embodiment of the working class, listening carefully to all that transpires as she goes through the motions of carrying out her domestic duties.

Actors interested in arranging for an audition on an earlier date may contact the director via the following email address: 

Production Dates:   Opening Thurs., Mar. 2 at 7:30 PM to Mar. 19, 2023; Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 PM; Sun. at 2:30 PM       
Tickets:  $25 / $23  Box Office: 508.362.6333
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by Fred Carmichael
Directed by Linda M. Stevens

Audition Dates:   March 6, 7 & 8, 2023 at 6:30PM at the BCC

Casting Available for 5 Women / 2 Men

Actors will be asked to read from the script.  
Perusal scripts are currently available at the Hyannis Public Library and Sturgis Library.

Takes a different approach to mystery as a ghost tries to find out who murdered her in a witty, sophisticated, yet suspenseful look at the upper crust of Hollywood. The curtain rises to find Jane, Oscar winning screenwriter, dead at the bottom of the stairs in a Vermont ski lodge. Her four friends and husband are saying she fell. “I was pushed!” she says as her ghost rises. Aided by Kitty, a rather wanton adviser from “up there,” Jane is brought ahead to the present, three years after the murder, where the same group is gathered. For the unusual and audience pleasing combination of comedy, intrigue, and suspense, this is a must!


Hugh Lawton (Male, age range: 30-40)  Handsome actor.  Tries to be debonair but doesn't pull it off well.

Betsy Randolph  (Female, age range:  30-40)  Very pretty actress who play ingenues.

Valerie Vickers  (Female, age range:  30-40)  Hollywood actress.  Fights for what she wants and won't let go.

Edwina Dunbar  (Female, age range:  30-40)  Gossip columnist out for herself.  Not as well put together as the others.

Justin Wills  (Male, age range 30-40)  A director.  Always tries to be a leader.

Jane Ackerly  (Female, age range 30-40)  Screenwriter.  An attractive, out-door type.

Kitty  (Female, age range 30-40)  A ghost.  Bright and cheerful.

Production Dates:  Opening Thurs., May ​4 at 7:30 PM to May 21, 2023
Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 PM; Sun. at 2:30 PM

Tickets: $25 / $23   Box Office:  508.362.6333
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Box Office:  508.362.6333